Fusion Homoeopathics

Your service provider for homoeopathic excellence.

Fusion Homoeopathics is a homoeopathic medicine supply company based in Randburg, in the northern part of the greater Johannesburg area.

Please note that you need to be a registered healthcare professional to purchase products from Fusion Homoeopathics. We, unfortunately, do not supply the general public.

Fusion Homoeopathics supplies many of the medicines that a homoeopathic practitioner would need for their own dispensaries, including homoeopathic tinctures, gemmotherapeutics, simplexes, micro-DNA remedies, isopathy, tissue salts, unmedicated pillules, granules, tablets and powders.

In its efforts to provide a wide-reaching service to the profession of homoeopathy, the company also imports a CPD approved homoeopathic journal as well as homoeopathy books.

It also provides consultation services to new practitioners on how best to set up both their practice and dispensary.

Both founding members are also dedicated to the education of homoeopathy students and frequently present lectures at the two higher education institutions, which offer a homoeopathy degree in South Africa.

In essence, Fusion Homoeopathics is a company driven by its passion for homoeopathy and fuelled by the need for medicines of the highest quality. It is focussed on providing a dedicated and professional service to the homoeopathic practitioners.

Our Products


Gemmotherapy is a form of phytotherapy, manufactured from embryonic plant material. The young shoots/rootlets or buds are macerated and then soaked in a gylcerin and alcohol solution. The resultant solution is then decanted and filtered. Thereafter it is combined with a mixture of glycerine, alcohol and water and succussed to a 1D Homoeopathic potency.

Homeovitality MicroDNA Therapy

Fusion Homoeopathics is the South African distributor of Homeovitality, a product range imported from the United Kingdom. The genetic blueprint contains many genes that promote health as well as many genes that cause disease.

Homoeopathic Mother Tinctures

Homoeopathic mother tinctures are defined as the lowest homoeopathic potency. A tincture of poor quality may not give the desired therapeutic results. Fusion Homoeopathics sources its tinctures from reputable German and Swiss suppliers, which ensures that the tinctures are of a superior and consistent quality.


Every year the World Health Organisation (WHO) releases the expected Influenza strains for the upcoming influenza season. The Influenzinum nosode is a homoeopathic remedy manufactured with the current influenza strains from the influenza vaccine.

Unmedicated Products

Fusion Homoeopathics imports their unmedicated granules, pillules and tablets from India. These granules and pillules are manufactured purely from pharmaceutical grade cane sugar / sucrose (Saccharum officinale).

Ozone therapy

Ozonated olive oil is a completely natural product. The unique mixture of olive oil and ozone (O3) is achieved by bubbling highly concentrated ozone gas through pure olive oil. This ozone gas is obtained by splitting molecules of medical oxygen.

Tissue Salts

Dr Wilhelm Heinrich Schüssler, a prominent 19th Century German medical doctor, is to thank for the discovery of tissue salts. He conducted research that established that human tissue contains 12 minerals or biochemic tissue salts when reduced to ashes, and that these minerals should be present in the human body in perfect balance to ensure good health.

Dispensing Laboratory

Fusion Homoeopathics supplies a large range of homoeopathic simplexes and M potencies. All simplexes are manufactured according to the Hahnemannian multiple vial method. Our M potencies are imported and are manufactured according to the Korsakovian method.

“Homeopathy cures a larger percentage of cases than any other form of treatment and is beyond doubt safer and more economical.”

― Mahatma Gandhi

About us

Fusion Homoeopathics CC is the brain child of the two founders,
Dr Ameesha Manga and Dr Uwe Hohl.

The company was founded in 2010 and started trading in January of 2012. The foundation of the company is not only a fusion of the principles and methodologies
of the two leading nations in homoeopathy, namely Germany and India, but also a combination
of a modern approach with traditional techniques.