Gemmotherapy is a form of phytotherapy, manufactured from embryonic plant material. The young shoots, rootlets or buds of the plant are cut up and left to macerate in a gylcerin and alcohol solution. The resultant solution is then decanted and filtered. Thereafter it is combined with a mixture of glycerine, alcohol and water and succussed to a 1D homoeopathic potency.

Traditionally homoeopaths use gemmotherapy as a drainage or detoxification therapy for specific disease conditions. Some gemmotherapy remedies have specific actions and are used as treatments for the conditions they are prescribed for.

Fusion Homoeopathics imports its gemmotherapy extracts from Italy. All remedies are then succussed by hand to a 1D potency.

Gemmotherapy should only be used under the treatment and supervision of a qualified practitioner. Fusion Homoeopathics only supplies gemmotherapy to qualified practitioners.

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