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Fusion Homoeopathics is the South African distributor of Homeovitality, a product range imported from the United Kingdom.

The genetic blueprint contains many genes that promote health as well as many genes that cause disease.

The Sequence Specific Homeopathic DNA (SSHD) remedy system is based exclusively on the work of the homoeopaths Drs. Jenaer and Marichal. These practitioners conducted a series of clinical studies which confirmed the efficacy of homoeopathic remedies prepared from DNA molecules with precise sequences.

The Homeovitality system uses highly diluted DNA molecules with precise sequences to target genes that produce the body’s natural proteins that have been proven to promote health as well as protect against and resolve many diseases.

The use and efficacy of DNA molecules with precise nucleotide sequences to prepare legitimate homoeopathic remedies has been validated by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulation Agency in the U.K., see HR 17491/0001

The significance of the use of homoeopathic remedies prepared from DNA molecules with precise nucleotide sequences has been acknowledged by the international scientific community because the application of DNA molecules with precise sequences in a homoeopathic setting was granted a Patent, see EP0670164B1.

All DNA molecules that are used to prepare SSHD remedies are in the order of 400 base pairs in length. They are manufactured by the world-class molecular genetics laboratory, GenScript (ISO 9001:2008 current) using the classical DNA synthesising technology, the polymerase chain reaction. They are of precise sequence, length and concentration so that remedy preparations are standardised and completely reproducible. Unlike homoeopathic DNA preparations, they do not contain any DNA sequences of foreign or viral origin. The nucleotide sequence of SSHD molecules is determined by reference to the sequence of the targeted gene/s reported as a consequence of the Human Genome Project and other reputable scientific reports.

Stock solutions are manufactured to GMP standards by Helios Homeopathy Ltd. UK., GMP Certificate No. UK ManA 2776 Insp. GMP/GDP/IMP 2776/5569-0010.

SSHD molecules are potentised and administered in an aqueous phase to take advantage of some recently discovered new properties of DNA. For example, scientists have found that double-stranded DNA molecules have unusual interactive properties in that, in solution, they can communicate with and be attracted to other DNA molecules with the same sequence (1). When mechanically stimulated, they can also emit sequence-specific electromagnetic signals that can be recognised by DNA molecules with the same sequence (2). This DNA mediated signalling (2) cannot be measured when DNA solutions are diluted more than 1 in 1012 (equivalent to 6C). That is why the SSHD remedy system is used specifically at a potency of 6C.

Seminal work by Goodman and colleagues has shown that gene expression can be readily up-regulated by the application of electromagnetic signalling (3).

SSHD remedies are prepared from base solution stocks by pharmacies worldwide including Helios UK and others from Europe, South Africa, and Malta for example.

Sterility tests. All stocks tested by Public Health England (UKAS), confirmed sterile. Laboratory reference numbers. PR1520427-01 and PR1520427-02.


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