Unmedicated Products


Unmedicated Products

Fusion Homoeopathics imports its unmedicated granules, pillules and tablets from India. The granules and pillules are manufactured purely from pharmaceutical grade cane sugar / sucrose (Saccharum officinale). This creates a vehicle that is pleasant tasting, holds the remedy efficiently, but also dissolves rapidly. Globules are available in 2 sizes, namely size 10 (granules) and size 40 (pillules).

The unmedicated tablets are biconvex 250mg tablets and are lactose based. They are sold in containers of 500 or 1000 tablets.

Unmedicated powders contain pharmaceutical grade lactose and are manufactured locally. Powders are a convenient method of prescribing homoeopathic medication to children and babies, as well as for single dose prescribing.

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