Dispensing Laboratory

Fusion Homoeopathics supplies a large range of homoeopathic simplexes and M potencies. All simplexes are manufactured according to the Hahnemannian multiple vial method. Our M potencies are imported and are manufactured according to the Korsakovian method.

Contact us today on for a complete list of remedies and potencies available. Complex remedies can be manufactured on request.

At Fusion Homoeopathics all medicines are manufactured by hand where possible.

Fusion Homoeopathics manufactures according to the Hahnemannian multiple vial method.

Larger quantities are potentised using a custom made potentising log.

Practice Set Up

Starting your practice is a daunting task. Fusion Homoeopathics prides itself on making the experience as seamless as possible. We are happy to assist you with remedy selection as well as advice on dispensary design. With many years of consulting under our belt, Fusion has almost seen it all when it comes to homoeopathic practices; what works and more importantly, what doesn’t!

Contact us on to set up a consultation and let us help you get your business off the ground.

Student Research

Fusion Homoeopathics works closely with both Universities that offer degrees in homoeopathy. It is for this reason that we are able to provide guidance to students with the design of their Master’s research, especially when it comes to the manufacture of the medicines for the research.