Tissue Salts


Tissue Salts

Dr Wilhelm Heinrich Schüssler, a prominent 19th Century German medical doctor, is to thank for the discovery of tissue salts. He conducted research that established that human tissue contains 12 minerals or biochemic tissue salts when reduced to ashes, and that these minerals should be present in the human body in perfect balance to ensure good health.

An imbalance of these minerals in the body can cause illness or disease conditions.

Fusion Homoeopathics’ tissue salts are manufactured by serial trituration of the mineral with lactose up to a D6 potency. They are then punched into tablets.

Fusion Homoeopathics offers the following tissue salts:

  • No. 1 Calc fluor – Elasticity, flexibility
  • No. 2 Calc phos – Tonic, maintains body function and aids recuperation
  • No. 3 Calc sulph – Blood purifier
  • No. 4 Ferrum phos – Blood oxygenator and anti-inflammatory
  • No. 5 Kali mur – Decongestant, glandular tonic
  • No. 6 Kali phos – Nerve nutrient and tranquiliser
  • No. 7 Kali sulph – Cell oxygenator, skin conditions
  • No. 8 Mag phos – Antispasmodic
  • No. 9 Nat mur – Water retention, hay fever, runny nose
  • No. 10 Nat phos – Acid-alkaline balancer
  • No. 11 Nat sulph – Liver decongestant, and toxin cleanser
  • No. 12 Silicea – Eliminates toxins from tissues, expels foreign material from the body
  • Combin 12 – A combination of all 12 tissue salts, a general tonic

Indications given are a guideline only and are not indented as medical advice. Tissue salts have many uses and indications. Please research them further for an in-depth understanding as to their full potential.

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