Homoeopathic Doctor
E-mail: ameesha@fusionhom.co.za

Dr Manga completed her M. Tech (Hom) degree at the University of Johannesburg and is a qualified homoeopathic practitioner, registered with the Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa. On completion of her final year of studies she travelled to Mumbai, India to study briefly with Dr Rajesh Shah. This experience helped her to see the potential that homoeopathy has in a primary health care setting. Something that she still hopes to see happen in South Africa.

In 2005 she began working at the University of Johannesburg as the Dispenser at the onsite Homoeopathy clinic. Here she deepened her passion for Homoeopathy and was involved in the on-going evaluation of final year students. She also gained invaluable homoeopharmaceutic insights and business skills in the day to day management of the clinic.

After leaving the UJ clinic, Dr Manga joined one of the biggest homoeopathic medicine supply companies in South Africa as a professional sales representative. During this time her knowledge of homoeopathic remedies and treatment protocols was honed. While traveling around the country and visiting the homoeopathic practitioners she learnt exactly what Homoeopaths need and expect from their service providers.

Dr Uwe Hohl and Dr Ameesha Manga have been friends and colleagues for many years and in 2010 the idea for Fusion Homoeopathics was born. Over the next year she and Dr Hohl brought their dream into reality. And in February 2012, Fusion Homoeopathics opened for trade. Together with Dr Hohl they have the perfect mix of technical know-how and the personal touch to ensure that all the practitioners they service know that they are in professional caring hands.

Dr Manga is a founding member of Fusion Homoeopathics and the sales and marketing manager.