Homoeopathic Doctor
E-mail: uwe@fusionhom.co.za

Dr Uwe Hohl graduated from the University of Johannesburg with an M.Tech degree in Homoeopathy. During his studying years he worked in the retail sector in complementary medicine. While completing his Master’s Degree he ran the dispensary at the University’s Homoeopathic Clinic. In 2005 he moved to Germany to work in a large complementary medical practice and for one of the world’s leading homoeopathic companies. In 2006 he returned from Germany to work for a large supplier of homoeopathic medicine as the head of their dispensing laboratory. In 2010 Fusion Homoeopathics was founded.

His German family history has ingrained in him the principle of “do it right the first time”.

This, together with the exposure to numerous areas within the discipline of complementary medicine and the passion for homoeopathy, has formed the solid foundation for Fusion Homoeopathics to become a company known for products of highest quality and professional service.

To stay in touch with the profession, Dr Hohl is also in part-time practice and lectures homoeopharmaceutics at the University of Johannesburg.

Dr Hohl heads up the supply chain, finance and quality control side of the company and oversees the daily operational aspects of the business.